The Shift is Here.

From Trying to Understanding

A Mediterranean Retreat

Let us introduce you to
THE best life has to offer...

...what everybody is searching for, whether they know it or not...

...connection to that deep unconditional space of

peace, fulfillment, security, joy and harmony...

We are not offering you just a glimpse to that place...

...but an opportunity for it to become your everyday experience.

The Shift is here. It is happening. Be a part of it.

Welcome to the


Open to your inner paradise in an outer paradise.


20th - 26th September 2015

At this time of year there's no more crowd, sun is still shining and the sea is still warm in southern Adriatic. A lot of people say this is the best time to come.


Odisej Hotel, Mljet Island National Park, Southern Adriatic, Croatia

A beautiful, peaceful and mystical island.

Arrival via Dubrovnik or Split, Unesco world heritage sites.


Morten Hake, Katja Symons and Darko Pribeg

are taking you to a life changing adventure.

Something to remember for the rest of your life.

ABOUT Innate Health Understanding

also known as The Three Principles

All and I really mean all of us have a more or less hidden innate potential to live a deeply fulfilled, interesting life from a place of deep inner peace.
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This potential is unconditional, it's not dependent on your character, your life circumstances, your past, emotional patterns, knowledge, education, age, engagement in spiritual practices... it's here no matter what. And it takes only one insight for it to awaken.

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What is the difference between Innate Health and various self help techniques?
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Conditioned by our individual minds, raised up in a technical civilization, we believed that in order to make ourselves happier and more fulfilled, we have to do something. Make ourselves better, more adjusted, more open, know more, work to solve our flaws, meditate, do our exercises, eat healthy, have discipline, set our life circumstances in a certain way... Actually, none of those things will give you what you really seek. The belief it will is a trick of the mind whose outcome is that the true inner peace and fulfillment always stays just out of hand. Until you realize. Until you see that it's been here all along. Until you deeply understand how life really works. In order for that to happen you don't have to do anything.

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Because Innate Health is not a technique or a method, it's not a doing of any kind.
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It's a fundamental understanding of how life works. Here we don't try to change ourselves or solve our problems. There is no need for that. Those kinds of endeavors are often counterproductive because they are based in a mind state of resistance to what is, of a need to control. Through the understanding we allow the opposite to happen - we allow ourselves to accept the state we are in and the things we see as problems. We are not trying to change anything. And peculiarly enough, just then the change happens by itself, naturally, effortlessly and permanently. We allow our deeper intelligence to set things right.

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How does Innate Health work?
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It's a relaxed conversation between an Innate Health mentor and a client or a group of clients. During this conversation, because of the specific way in which it is done, a shift in perspective can occur. This shift is not another mental construction or a replacement of one belief for another, it doesn't happen on the intellectual level, but on a deeper level and therefore makes a real life change. Habitual thought patterns that prevented the inner potential to emerge to the surface begin to disperse. It often happens through insights. An insight can be a single fresh thought that comes from within, from the place of inner potential, deep life intelligence and instantly disperses personal thought generated "clouds" that create illusion of a problem.

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A lot of people experience occasional higher state of consciousness, but Innate Health gives you a possibility for that state of harmony and flow with life to become your everyday reality.
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No matter how exhilarated you may feel at one point, something that you'll see as a problem will always arise again, whether it's your low mood or something from the outside world. And in these moments you, that is your personal mind will have a tendency to build an attachment to the negative state you are in and your mood goes further down in a vicious cycle. Until you insightfully understand Innate Health and the nature of thought, you will continue to get pulled into that whirlpool of your thoughts and emotions and it will make your life bitter. It all radically changes when you understand how the system works - the fact that your own thoughts create 100% of your experience of life and the fact that each thought will pass in the shortest time if you just let it be. Then your "lows" become less and less intense and less and less often. And you begin to experience the basic deep feeling of peace and well-being more and more of your time.

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The Missing Link.
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What we speak as we share this understanding is very similar to what all true teachings and teachers are saying. It's coming from the same Source, from the truth within. However, there is one specificity about Innate Health. Sydney Banks who uncovered this understanding called it "The Missing Link". There is one thing that makes the understanding easily transferable. It's hard to explain until you experience it for yourself. It's its infinite simplicity and the way it's being passed on. And it has a lot to do with understanding the role of the principle of thought.

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The Inside Out Revolution.
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This understanding turns the current paradigm of how life works upside down. It has the potential for the revolutionary shift in understanding of life and therefore in consciousness of humanity. It dissolves the deeply rooted false belief that our feelings come from outside, from our circumstances. We call this old paradigm "Outside in Misunderstanding" opposed to the understanding how it really works - "Inside Out". Our feelings never come from outside of us but from our own thoughts. Our thought creates our world.

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When you understand Innate Health, the search is over.
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Then you realize that searching for something that is not this moment was just a trick of your mind you fell for. Suddenly there is nowhere to get, it's all here, the complete experience of the moment, perfect as it is. That doesn't mean you'll never feel negative emotions again. It means that you will be able to accept them the way they are and be peaceful at the same time at a deeper level.

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It efficiently helps with any kind of discontent and disharmony.
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Whatever it is that is bothering you, be it stress at work, bad relationships, discontent with yourself or anything else, it always comes down to thought. It's always created through your thoughts. When you see that, there are no more problems, no matter which life aspect they were related to. Understanding of Innate Health helps people with psychological problems to became mentally healthy as to people who want to experience more depth in their life, get closer to their true self and therefore experience more fulfillment, excitement, joy and harmony.

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What connects us is an intense passion for sharing this profound understanding.


Life Explorer

Globetrotter Morten Hake is known in northern Europe as the most known life coach for young adults struggling with worry and over-thinking. He is famous for creating wildly transformational, provable change, based on real world insights and realizations that has a profound positive effect across all areas of life.

Morten’s unique and shall I say ‘unfiltered' way of communicating is as real as it gets.
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With absolutely no sugarcoating, Morten gives you the honest, raw truth about how human experience works, guides his clients to an increased overall state of mind, capitalizing on their true inborn potential and cranks up their mental and emotional resources on a day to day basis.

Using no application-based method at all, Morten does not give advice, but rather continuously guides you towards a fresh, new understanding that will let you experience better workflow, deeper connections and clarity in decision-making.

In his own words… “You’re way more resourceful than you think. It’s about time you realise that on a fundamental level”

Background story…

Back in 2010, after being exposed to the ‘dating-community’ Morten and his colleague Knut Johannessen created an international conference on sexuality, flirting and personal growth aimed to connect men and women using no games or gimmicks.

It was during the 4th annual event Morten reconnected with old friend and #1 best-selling author Jamie Smart. During his presentation on the conference he had his life’s biggest breakthrough, having him flip his entire business upside-down.

This realization had him immediately abandon his old views on self development and decide to dedicate himself 100% to sharing his insight with the rest of the world, bringing with him all the skills of communication he had learned throughout the years and using them to help men and women realise the profound power of peace, inspiration and clarity that is already present. With the tagline “You’re way cooler than you think”, Morten and his team just launched the Trust Box membership-site dedicated to give their followers insight and breakthroughs - having them experience more flow, presence and productivity in their lives. With this distinct position, Morten consciously separates himself from the average coach claiming left and right how different application-based methods will change people's lives. To this, Morten's reply is “What happens those times when we don’t feel like doing the applications? I don’t spend my moments constantly wanting to imagine for example an NLP-ball of positive energy in my tummy. I’m too busy to do that every time I have a negative thought. It’s always a true insight that will change your life for the better. A new, fresh thought you’ve never thought before. A way of perceiving life you’ve never experienced. When you get THAT, your life will level up exponentially”

“I’ve known Morten since the beginning, and I can testify how powerful Morten’s message is. It’s something totally unique. It’s something that can finally set you free, so free that you can throw away all of your self-development books (I’ve done it). This will reveal your incredible innate force to create the relationship and the life you deserve.” – Navid, former client.

Visit his website here.

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Natural Health Mentor

At a certain time in my life I often thought about killing myself. I was depressed, frustrated and in constant pain. My body felt like a prison and I couldn't get out. Years of searching for solutions and trying all sorts to find long lasting relief had tired me out. But then life took me on a different path and eventually allowed me to see how I was running in the wrong direction (if not against a wall). Now, many years later, I sometimes still can't fathom how lucky I am to have learnt that life only works one way.
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What happened? I had come across the true source of all my suffering. The search for a cure and trying this and that simply stopped. In its place appeared a natural understanding and suddenly everything I had learnt in the past made total sense. Wellbeing started to unfold from inside of me, I felt happier and more content. One day I realised that on one level everything is always exactly as it should be. I relaxed. Whatever had gotten in the way of this natural balance started to fall away and I felt better. Leaving behind lots of baggage from the past, my body also started to heal.

Since, I recovered fully from Graves' Disease, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue and IBS. From fighting against my body I started listening to it without analysing. It has become my best guide, always showing me when I move away from my natural state of being well and in balance. Human nature only ever works one way and physical symptoms as well as emotions serve me since I truly understand where they are coming from. Negativity, anxiety and depression are very rare visitors now. Life has become far more enjoyable and fears simply dissipated by seeing the huge potential of being in the flow with nowhere to fall.

Most people are not aware of the fact that natural health lies within every human being walking this earth. My biggest passion is to help individuals and health professionals to recognise this simple truth for themselves so they can benefit on the emotional, mental and physical level. My ultimate goal is to help change the focus in the world from ill health to health.

For more information go to (or to my German website

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Free Artist

I'm a geologist by profession and that's a nice job, but life had different plans for me. A few years ago I quit my job and changed my professional direction completely. What I was really interested in for most of my life was human potential. Deep potential, that special place within, I used to experience just in rare moments. "Divine moments of truth" as one artist calls them, moments of deep fullness and vibrancy of experiencing being alive.
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For the last twelve years a mission I set for myself was to reach that vibrant state and escape my then usual state of anxiety, discontentment and restlessness. As my searching became more vigorous and the more I tried to find peace in all kinds of self help techniques, books, philosophies, diets and all kinds of circumstances, the more I felt disconnected from the deep feeling of unconditional fulfillment. The more I tried to understand life and figure it out, the more lost I felt.

Until I just gave up searching and embraced my life and my state of mind as it was - not very enjoyable. Soon after that it happened - what I was searching for found me. This understanding came out of nowhere and knocked at my door. Just one conversation was enough to trigger a deep and lasting transformation. As my understanding deepened, deep fulfillment, peace, harmony and joy began to be my everyday experience.

I still have challenges in my life but unlike being trapped in vicious cycles of fear, despair, guilt, self pity as I was before, nowadays I can see my limiting beliefs and programs falling off by themselves, right in front of my eyes. And with every subconscious program that falls off, I feel more freedom, joy, fulfillment and potential. In various ways life became more beautiful and interesting than I could ever have thought possible.

For the last few years, I've been sharing this understanding with all kinds of people who are searching for a more beautiful life experience and connection to their spiritual source. I held over 80 seminars, lectures and courses on the subject, some of them being several days retreats in some of the most beautiful places in Croatia. And from my experience, those retreats where people are immersed in this deep feeling of clarity and simplicity 24 hours a day are the most powerful way for a deep and lasting transformation to happen.

Visit my website here.

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at the location of the retreat


A place of many varieties and untouched natural beauty.

More photos of southern Adriatic on Pinterest


Mljet is one of the most attractive and interesting cultural-historical pearls of Mediterranean, which makes it an attractive holiday destination. It is popular among couples, lovers and explorers of nature, lovers of historical stories and legends and explorers of ancient cultural and historical monuments. Whoever visited it once, fell in love with Mljet, and they constantly return!

The Time magazine placed Mljet among 10 most beautiful islands in the world, so you should definitely check out why it is so well-known tourist destination.

Ancient Greeks called it Melita, which means honey because it is used in the forests throughout the island, inhabited by many swarms of bees. Because of the rich flora and fauna in 1960 third of the island was declared a national park. The legend says that the king of Ithaca - Odysseus, after experiencing a shipwreck near Mljet, swam to a cave, which is still called Odysseus cave.

Natural sights

National park Mljet, rich Mediterranean vegetation, many coves and beaches, the Great Salt lake with an islet (Benedictine monastery) and the Small Salt lake, the cave of Odysseus, caves Ostasevica and Morvica, sandy beaches in Saplunara that are also a protected landscape.

Heritage, Wine, Food

Remains of the Roman palace from the 2nd century, forts and old Christian basilicas, the Prince`s palace from the 15th century, a Benedictine monastery and a church from the 12th century, remains of the church of St. Paul near Saplunara, many archaeological sites. The local dish „Mljetski makaruli“ (home-made macaroni with goats cheese, olive oil and garlic) and home-made kid meat baked under the lid are well known, as well as risotto with anchovies and home-made goat cheese, strawberry marmalade and wines from Mljet.

Entertainment, Recreation, Excursions

Numerous hiking and cycling tracks, organized diving. Excursions to Dubrovnik and the islands of Peljesac and Korcula.

More photos of Mljet on Pinterest


Pearl of the Adriatic

Before you arrive at the retreat, you will probably pass through the town of Dubrovnik, Croatia's most valuable cultural heritage, a town with a long and interesting history. As the arrival to Mljet will be on Sunday, and the departure on Saturday, you will have a chance to stay in Dubrovnik for a night or two in the same week. I highly recommend you to do that and explore the beauties of this Unesco World Heritage Site.

The 'Pearl of the Adriatic', situated on the Dalmatian coast, became an important Mediterranean sea power from the 13th century onward. Although severely damaged by an earthquake in 1667, Dubrovnik managed to preserve its beautiful Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque churches, monasteries, palaces and fountains.

It's unique charm and ancient spirit attract hundreds of thousands of tourists each year. For the last two years, a TV series "Game of Thrones" was also shot there.

Videos of Dubrovnik:

More photos of Dubrovnik on Pinterest


Odisej Hotel, Island Mljet National Park

Nestled among the Aleppo pine and evergreen oak trees of Mljet National Park, the three-star Hotel Odisej Mljet is situated on the greenest of all the Adriatic islands, surrounded by unspoiled nature. With two crystal-clear lakes at its heart, beautiful hiking and biking paths, the cool blue waters of the Adriatic in front of you and days filled with sunshine, hotel Odisej on Mljet is a memorable island retreat.

You can find the hotel fact sheet here or visit the hotel website.

All rooms have a sea view and a balcony.

Usage of wellness center (indoor pool, sauna, jacuzzi, fitness), as well as wireless Internet is free for all hotel guests.



You arrive at Dubrovnik or Split international airports.
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You can find the complete timetable for Dubrovnik here and for Split here.

So, you can arrive in Dubrovnik or Split whenever it suits you and stay there for a few days before or after the retreat.

On Sunday, we meet at Odisej Hotel on Mljet.

You get to the location of the hotel by a boat from Dubrovnik that leaves from the city port (Gruž) at 16:00 every day or from Split town center at 7:45. You can find the complete timetable here

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The ferry to Mljet goes from Peljesac peninsula, southern Adriatic.


If you own a boat, just sail to Pomena, Mljet :)

Book your place now

Full price: 3200 eur

Price for pairs or friends (double room): 5600 eur

The price includes 6 nights full board in the Odisej hotel, fast boat ticket from Split or Dubrovnik, ticket to the Mljet National Park and the Innate Health course.

Special offer: First 5 of you that apply during the duration of this offer will get two extra nights in the hotel. You can use this additional days to let your insights settle and enjoy the island from a new state of mind.

If you'd like to get a better feeling for what Innate Health understanding is or if you'd like to hear more about the retreat, feel free to contact us at any time.

Payment onto our account:

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Organization "Korijen"

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